Malaysia Mobile station crushing production line

case introduction

This project is located in the Malay nicaea, mobile crushing mainly for the production of architectural sand aggregate screening system, the project by my company with Singapore T joint implementation process design, equipment manufacture, system installation and debugging, the system training delivery operation, this project because of considering the customer's periodic construction, at the same time in order to improve the efficiency of system installation, saving the cost of investment, the system is broken unit and screening unit adopts the tyre mobile solutions.Because the material source of the project is coarse aggregate produced by the original mine jaw broken by the customer, the project is designed with two-stage crushing and screening sections of medium and fine crushed cone, and equipped with vehicle-mounted container centralized control room.

item advantage:

1. The production line plan is tailored to local conditions


The whole crushing design scheme is designed according to the size and requirements of the site, compact and reasonable layout, reducing the floor space and saving unnecessary economic investment.


2. Good operation and high efficiency


The design scheme is better and better, no matter the collocation between the main engine and auxiliary equipment is just right, the overall operation of the production line is good, the fault is reduced, the production is more efficient.


3, environmental protection in place, no fear of strict inspection


The environmental protection standard of the production line is a major measure. From the selection of equipment to the design of the production line, the principle of less pollution and low noise is followed. The green crushing production line has been created, so that users have no fear of strict inspection by the Environmental Protection Bureau.


4. Save investment and double income


The investment cost of the whole production line is reduced by 5%, while the operation mode with high efficiency and excellent finished aggregate makes the user's income double, and is trusted by downstream manufacturers.