Granite crusher

Product introduction:Granite crushed can be widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, chemical, building materials and other industries. Granite has high hardness and moderate compressive strength, making it a good building stone. Due to the high cont

Granite crusher broken process

According to the characteristics of granite stone and our company's previous design, construction and production experience, the process flow of this granite crushed stone production line is an explanation:

1. The stone material from the jaw crusher enters the central stockyard for temporary storage. Two sitting-type inertial vibration feeders are installed under the central stockyard, which is convenient to control the feeding amount into the second-crushing cone crusher and exit the central stockyard. The main conveyor belt is equipped with a metal detector and iron remover. When the metal detector detects a metal block, the central control room will immediately turn off the power supply of the feeder, and the power supply of the conveyor belt will be stopped with a delay. The stop position of the conveyor belt is designed to be in the cone The detected metal block can be easily removed from the machine table of the type crusher.

2. Build a small regulating silo at the feed point of the cone crusher to feed the cone crusher uniformly and fully in order to produce qualified products with the best grain shape.

3. After being crushed by the cone crusher, the materials are classified and screened through the circular vibrating screen. The materials in the upper layer larger than the finished product are returned to the cone crusher for re-crushing, and the lower layer is collected to the three-crushing cone sand making machine for shaping, and passes the next The circular vibrating screen classifies the materials. The materials on the upper sieve surface are returned to the cone sand making machine for re-crushing, and the lower layers are sieved into the required grades of finished materials. The finished products are conveyed to the finished product area by belt conveyors.


1. In order to ensure the continuity of the entire production line, the production line is designed with a central stock yard. The advantage of this is that each section can be produced separately, and the normal production of the subsequent production line will not be affected by the maintenance, overhaul and maintenance of the equipment in the front section. , It can also achieve time-sharing production and rational use of peak and valley electricity prices, which can also save operating costs to a certain extent.

2. The feeder design of this production line under the intermediate stock yard is equipped with 2 sitting inertial vibration feeders to reduce the dead volume of the intermediate stock yard. The control switch of the feeder is installed on the operation cabinet of the main control room. The feeding amount can be controlled according to needs to ensure the production conditions of our company's SJ series cone crusher for full cavity feeding, so that not only can full load production be achieved to obtain the maximum throughput, but also qualified granular finished materials can be produced. .

3. This production line adopts three-stage crushing, and fully considers the matching of technical parameters between all levels of crushers, so that not only the grain quality of the product can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, but also the best crushing for various types of crushers is handled well. Than requirements.

4. The production line of crushed stone is economical, practical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The stone has good grain shape, and its various indicators are in line with the national standard for ordinary construction materials. It is a high-quality concrete aggregate.