Railway slag and gravel production line introduction

Product introduction:Railway track slag stone is the main raw material of railway construction, mainly plays a pressure effect, for the production of this product, the general use of railway track slag stone production line for production, so as to provide the railway industr

Railway slag and gravel production line introduction broken process

Processing raw materials

Mainly granite and limestone

Equipment configuration of railway line slag and gravel

The railway line designed by  Shanghai DongMeng Machine is mainly composed of vibration feeder, jaw crusher, counter crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, centralized electric control and other equipment.The designed output is generally 50-500 tons/hour.To meet the different processing needs of customers, can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment.

The process flow of railway road slag and gravel production line

For the process design of production line, the general was a peace of sand production line process is roughly same, need to focus on is not only need to consider in the production of slag in road, stone material, but also need to carefully choose the crusher equipment, due to the high speed railway standard is greatly increased, the gravel stone machinery production, slag have a new request for the rational use of resources, so the process to simplify the process, equipment selection is given priority to with reasonable allocation of crusher.

Railway slag and gravel production line advantage

1. All equipment of railway slag production equipment should be standardized, which is composed of several modules of coarse bin, feeding equipment, coarse crusher, fine crusher, screening equipment and belt conveying equipment, which can not only meet the requirements of supporting stone production process, but also reduce the overall cost.

2. The complete set of equipment components of railway track slag production line are small in size, light in weight, convenient in transportation, disassembly and assembly, which can realize direct loading of equipment and feeding of materials, thus reducing mining cost.

3. The gravel production line is standardized production, strong interchangeability, convenient transportation and installation, less supporting workload of civil engineering, less construction investment, short production time, quick investment recovery