Marble crushing production

Product introduction:Marble, is for marble, limestone, dolomite and other general, because of the earliest of marble stone quality is better in our country, its name, can be used as materials, plank, arts and crafts, etc., after a series of crushing processing, can also in hi

Marble crushing production broken process

Marble crushing production line flow

The marble crushing production line is divided into two stages: coarse crushing and medium fine crushing. The equipment used includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, vibration feeder, etc. The specific technological process is as follows:

1. Coarse crushing: under the action of vibration feeder, the mined marble raw ore is preliminarily broken in the jaw crusher, and is divided into different grades by circular vibrating screen. Unqualified stone will be returned to be broken again;

2. Medium fine crushing: the screened qualified stone will be sent to the cone crusher for further fine crushing uniformly and quantitatively by the belt conveyor. Similarly, the screened stone will enter the vibrating screen for screening, and the marble fine material meeting the standard will be transported to the finished product material area.Cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard material, so in the crushing of marble, river pebble such a hard stone, the use of cone is the most suitable for breaking.


Marble crushing production line features

1. The equipment is properly equipped, the operation is more stable, the whole production line flow is smooth, the fault is less, and the cost of repair and maintenance is reduced by about 50,000 yuan;

2. Scientific space layout, small floor space, saving basic investment cost of nearly 30,000 yuan, more convenient installation and operation;

3. High efficiency, high output, unit capacity 1.5 times of the traditional production line of the same scale;

4. Select high-quality motor equipment, reduce power consumption, and save nearly 40,000 yuan of water and electricity fees in work;

5, green, not much pollution, dust, noise and other pollution fully controlled within a reasonable range, to achieve low-carbon and environmentally friendly production.